MarshMog Just Cruisin

The Marshmog is a multi-purpose aquatic habitat restoration machine developed & designed by Clean Lakes located in Martinez, Calif.. The Marshmog was first operated in 2007.

The Marshmog is best suited for aquatic plant control in wetland & marsh areas. Marshes and wetlands most times can’t be accessed by floating aquatic machinery such as the Aquamog, Cookie Cutter or Aquatic Weed Harvesters. As well land equipment such as backhoes, excavators and draglines can’t access most wetlands & marshes without building access roads which can damage these sensitive aquatic ecosystem.

The Marshmog however has a ground pressure of 0.61 pounds per square inch. This is an amazingly low figure and is even less than most individuals just with their footprint. This equates to the most efficient way of doing maintenance jobs in our sensitive aquatic habitats. The Marshmog can operate in wet soil types where humans can’t walk, and in water depths up to 2′two feet}.

The Marshmog can be used for many vegetation clearing projects. It can be equipped with numerous attachments that include mowers and brush grinders, as well as plows and discing attachments.

GPS Guided aquatic herbicide treatments can be made by the Marshmog as well. In areas that were only previously accessible for this type of work the Marshmog excels at a much lower cost

marshmog-mowing-cattails     marshmog-reloading-airboat-