Neary Lagoon Tule Removal Project – Santa Cruz, CA

These are some picture of the Aqaumog SRX in action from a project performed by Aquatic Unlimited back in the mid 1990’s. The operator of the Aquamog was Dave McNabb now with DK Environmental out of Lafayette, CA

In this project the emergent vegetation was first mowed to the water level using a flail mower attachment. Next up was the rotovation attachment to remove the roots.

Here are some before and pictures as well as the SRX in action.

neary-lagoon-boardwalk-sw-before neary-lagoon-boardwalk-sw-after neary-lagoon-boardwalk-se-view neary-lagoon-boardwalk-se-after neary-lagoon-boardwalk-ne-before neary-lagoon-boardwalk-ne-after aquamog-srx-flail-mowing-neary-lagoon aquamog-neary-lagoon-rotovator-up aquamog-neary-lagoon-rotovator-down