Aquamog SRX

The Aquamog SRX came on the scene in the early 1990s. The SRX stands for “Small Rig Extraordinaire”. This aquamog was created by the McNabb’s with the goal of having a small mog that had enough power to do some of the tasks that it’s big brother the PRX could handle.
The goal in creating the SRX was to make an aquamog that was 8″6″ wide making it road legal without a wide load permit. In addition the paddle wheel propulsion units fold up hydraulically behind the cab. So with this mog you can go from transport truck to the water in a matter of minutes.
The Aquamog SRX can handle all the attachments that th RPX can with the exception of the dredge attachments. The SRX has it own dredge attachments that are still very powerful and as productive as many small dredges.
Here you can see the Aquamog PRX in action.
750_Philipines_Page_1[1]     aquamog-srx-oil-spill-recovery     aquamog-srx-flail-mowing-neary-lagoon    aquamog-srx-dredge-attachment-down