Aquamog PRX

The Aquamog PRX first arrived on the scene in 1990. The PRX represented “Power Rig Extraordinaire”. The main difference from the previous Aquamog MPAR was the new hydraulic controls and the shorter barge. The paddle wheel controls were now on a seat mounted joystick.
The Aquamog PRX proved to be one of the most versatile Aquamogs ever built. It had the power and capacity to be a high performance pump dredge as well as an aquatic vegetation removal vessel.
Municipalities, Homeowners Associations, and contractors a like purchased Aquamog PRXs for many different specific tasks. The PRX aquamog was the fist mog to be sold over seas by the McNabb’s.
Below are some Aquamog PRX pictures:
750_Dredging_Mag_1992[1]       aquamog-dredge-fleet